Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This Blogging Stuff is Hard!

I'm an artist. I've always loved language, words, reading, and spelling, but if I had a choice I would always rather draw a picture. Thus, I never really developed a passion for writing. There are stories in my head that I'd like to translate to paper, but the frustrating part is I don't know how without writing the stories down first and figuring out all the fun details.  Sadly my strengths don't lie in narrative fantasy illustration. This is where friends come into the picture. Friends with years of study and degrees in this writing stuff. But, this blog? I have to write it, not my friends. I really want to just post pictures and hope someone likes them, comments about them, or asks questions.

Speaking of writing and stories, my lovely and talented-with-words friend, Ashlee, wrote a story about an impish, adventurous little free-spirited girl and I'm working on finishing the illustrations. India ink, pen, illustration board, cross-hatching and patterns, dark and light, it's getting finished slowly. The character came to me one day while I was showering (don't lots of ideas come while showering?) and when I described her to Ashlee, she started writing and sending me snippets of her words, the story coming together better than I had hoped, different but amusing, entertaining, captivating. I'd like to share it. Soon. When the pictures are finished.

There are no pictures in this post, and maybe it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.

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