Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sketches Make Awesome Presents!

With the blur of Thanksgiving past us, the leftovers a distant memory, we look forward to Christmas. Ah, Christmas, the cheerful, merry holiday where friends and family gather (like Thanksgiving) to celebrate together. Whether Baby Jesus, Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, or Mom & Dad leave presents for good boys and girls doesn't make a difference...presents get left under a tree and either on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning get unwrapped while people watch. Some are left speechless, others scream, some cry, and the exceptionally spoiled ones get angry.

But, sometimes you don't want a present under a tree. Sometimes you want a family member to just be there with you, drinking wine, snacking on cookies, enjoying the time spent together and really soaking in the true spirit of the holiday. This is why I'm going to offer a great deal, in the spirit of Christmas and in hopes of bringing somebody special over for the holidays. My boyfriend's brother won't be able to make it over because the economy isn't so good. He didn't come for Christmas last year, either. Last year felt empty. He was definitely missed. I want to raise some money to help fly him  here so I'm offering $20 sketches!
Seriously. Are you stuck, not knowing what to get for someone in your life? Is your office playing Secret Santa and you have no idea what to get your co-worker? What about a sweet gift to yourself? Art makes a great present, especially if presented in a nice little frame. These will work with tiny 3x5" or 4x6" frames. Just send me a photo by the end of the weeks and I promise I'll have these to you by Christmas just for helping me get my boyfriend's super-cool and very missed brother here for the holidays!

Don't celebrate the holidays? That's fine, this deal is still great for you. How else are you going to get sketches like this for $20 (unless you know of another illustrator doing the same deal or you can draw your own stuff.)